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EDS is a school community with a strong commitment to its mission of building character and teaching students what it means to love God, self and others. Students are expected to display behavior that is in keeping with these words from our mission statement in the classroom, on the playground, and during off-campus school activities.

EDS expects that all students will:

  • Respect parents, teachers, fellow students, and visitors

  • Behave in a way, whether on or off campus, that reflects favorably on our school. Sportsmanship, courtesy, and appropriate dress are hallmarks of an EDS student.

  • Learn to be open-minded toward and respectful of others’ cultures and religions

  • Work diligently on assignments and attend to deadlines

  • Accept responsibility for their own actions, and accept reasonable consequences for their actions with grace and respect

  • Take pride in keeping the EDS campus a clean and beautiful place.

  • Respect the dignity, the property, and the personal space of others

EDS Epiphany Day School

PreK - 5th Grade

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