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Physical Education

Physical Education should be an integral part of any school program to provide children with activities which develop motor coordination, physical fitness, play, sports skills, and an attitude of fair play and sportsmanship.


Music has the ability to touch each person in a unique way. Learning and appreciating music is such an integral part of life for many people. Providing sound musical education aids student growth, while enabling students to express themselves with creative and practical applications will allow them to grow even further.


The Art enrichment program at Epiphany Day School endeavors to develop in each student a creative appreciation and active use of multiple art skills.

Christian ED

Epiphany Day School, as a Christian school, strives to impart the basic teachings of the Judeo-Christian heritage. The goal of our Christian Education program is to assist students in forming a system of personal values by teaching them a love of God, self, and others which will serve them in their daily lives.

EDS Enrichments

Piano Lab

Group classes provide students with a classical piano education in a student-centered class with their friends which leads to a lifetime of enjoying playing the piano. Group piano lessons are energetic and fun. When children are having fun in piano class, they pay attention to the activity at hand while learning to become independent pianists.


The library should be an environment that promotes and supports a love of books and reading. The use of the library is an essential skill necessary in successful academic endeavors.

Computer Science

The education philosophy of the computer lab is based on preparing students for the 21st century. All students will learn the skills necessary to participate fully in a technological society and at the same time learn how technology can help them to achieve academic success.


The learning of a foreign language is essential to the intellectual development, knowledge, and understanding of a different culture (customs, habits, etc.)
It also prepares the students for their future education in middle school, high school, and college where a foreign language is required.

EDS Epiphany Day School

PreK - 5th Grade

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