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Epiphany Day School is a co-educational independent school founded by Episcopalians for Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. We provide a challenging academic program enhanced by arts integration and experiential learning. We value scholarship, honor, and service. 

Epiphany Day School does not discriminate on the basis of physical disability, race, color, religion or ethnic origin in admissions/administrative policies and programs.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dear Parents,

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Happy New Year!

Dear Parents,

Yes, I know that New Year’s Day is in January, but after 28 years in the education business, my life runs on the rhythm of a school year, so my New Years’ resolutions are always made in August. Maybe you didn’t see fireworks last week, as our students donned their uniforms, broke in their new shoes and toted their new, empty book sacks to school, but that doesn’t mean the air wasn’t crackling with excitement on campus.

On the Hebrew calendar, the year 5775 will begin next month. The Chinese lunar calendar identifies this year as the Year of the Horse. Here at EDS, as I hope you’ve heard by now, we have launched The Year of the Scholar. In chapel, in our classrooms, on the playground – we’re helping our children understand and appreciate the opportunities our school offers for them to grow beyond merely being a “good student,” which is fine thing to be, into being a true scholar – a lifelong learner who actively pursues knowledge, takes intellectual risks, and uses their gifts to the fullest for their own advancement and for the good of others.

Here are some highlights of the coming year:

Character Education: Last year we proudly achieved our goal of creating a kindness chain that wrapped all the way around the church. This year we turn our attention to another of the 5 core qualities in our school prayer – generous. So, instead of a kindness chain, each classroom will be equipped with a “generous jar.” As acts of generosity are reported by a recipient or an observer, teachers will note the act and the giver on a colored popsicle stick and drop it in the jar. Our goal is 8 full jars. The fifth grade class accepted the challenge of filling the largest jar, even though they are the smallest class, and I have faith in their ability to be role models for our younger students. Our Prek-4 class will practice their math skills by counting the sticks, making bundles of ten, and reporting our progress each Monday in Chapel. To extend the generosity even further, near the end of the year we plan to use our sticks to build birdhouses.

Teachers:  We are blessed to welcome two fantastic additions to our teaching staff in the primary division.

·         Annie Segura Decuir, a former EDS student herself, comes to us after teaching in both public and independent schools. She has taught various grades, but when I asked her which grade she would choose if given the choice, she didn’t hesitate to say “First grade – I love first grade.” After barely a week with our first graders, I’ve nicknamed her “the First Grade Whisperer.” Without ever raising her voice or losing her patience, she has transformed our kindergarteners into well-behaved, self-managing 1st grade scholars.

·         Next door in second grade, we are equally fortunate to have Carolyn Hidalgo, a veteran teacher whose wide range of experience includes an independent, Episcopal school like us as well as an international school. Carolyn’s philosophy is a perfect fit for us. She believes that children learn by doing, even when the doing requires staying with a struggle for a time until they can work out a strategy (Ms. Carolyn’s favorite word) that fits the task at hand.

Filling in for the Fall semester for Ms. Tina, we are happy to welcome Mr. Joseph Defils, or Mr. Joey, as he’s known to our students.  Mr. Joey has a degree in business finance and he has had experience in a long-term substitute position in a local public school. So far, he loves everything he’s learning about EDS, and he has a great rapport with both the staff and his students. Ms. Tina has left him all her lesson plans and resources and is only an email away if he has any questions.

I’m eager for you to meet all the new teachers and to reconnect with our returning staff at ourParent Orientation Night – Wednesday, August 27. More details about that to follow.

Daily Schedule: Last year we identified some challenges in our daily schedule that conflicted with our top priority of delivering a top-notch curriculum from bell-to-bell, Monday-through-Friday, from August-to-May. Key learning time for young children is usually first thing in the morning, and we were interrupting that prime time too often with electives. Our electives, or specials, are important in our mission of educating the whole child, and we never want to lose the arts, fitness, and Christian formation components of our curriculum, but we needed to re-shuffle them to maximize learning time in the core curriculum. The only way I could make that work and still keep our part-time teachers to the number of hours they are contracted to work was to schedule Christian Ed and PE on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. However, because of our LAA+ training in collaboration and   integration, everyone will be incorporating elements of Christian Formation and movement experiences into their teaching of the core curriculum. As so often happens, what at first seemed like a problem, has become an opportunity.

Arts Integration: There are lots of exciting art-related experiences in store for us this year.

·         As you’ve seen in a recent email, ASO has expanded their music class offerings. More instruments are being offered, as well as group classes in vocal and instrumental music and the well-respected Suzuki method for violin instruction at all ages. We’re the only school in Acadiana to have all of these offerings on our own campus.

·         Look for news of EDS in the local papers in the coming months.

{C}o   We’re the only Acadiana school to be selected to take part in a special Lafayette Art Walk honoring Ms. Olivia’s late father, the renowned painter – Elemore Morgan, Jr. Our students will be constructing a sculpture at the Horse Farm, then teaching the technique to visiting students. Their work will then be transported to the Acadiana Center for the Arts, where it will be on display to the public for a month.

{C}o   We have just learned that we have been granted a very competitive grant from the Louisiana Decentralized Arts Funding Program. The project they are funding involves our school with the Bayou Teche Museum’s coming exhibit of the early works of George Rodrigue. Five local artists will collaborate with core curriculum teachers in arts integrated lessons that cover math, science, social studies, and language arts objectives while producing original pieces of art in various media. Once again, we’re the only Acadiana school to be awarded this grant, and they even gave us more than we’d asked for!

{C}o   Ms. Olivia and Ms. Coty were recruited by Vermilionville to take part in an arts integration project that will involve interviewing skills, folklore and visual arts. Our students will create art works that will be on display at Vermilionville and will be given free admission to view the display.

There’s lots more to look forward to this year, so there may not be fireworks in the sky, but there are fireworks in the hearts and minds of our staff, anticipating a truly wonderful new year. We are so happy that you are all going to be a part of it!



Ms. O


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Epiphany Day School does not discriminate on the basis of physical ability, race, color, religion or ethnic origin in admissions/administrative policies and programs.