Epiphany Day School

Epiphany Day School is a co-educational independent school founded by Episcopalians for Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. We provide a challenging academic program enhanced by arts integration and experiential learning. We value scholarship, honor, and service. 

Epiphany Day School does not discriminate on the basis of physical disability, race, color, religion or ethnic origin in admissions/administrative policies and programs.

Thank you for a great year!

The EDS 4H club has had a slow start for our first year of participation. I am so happy to have had the experience of being the 4H leader for the handful of students who stuck with it all year. I am hoping that in the future, the club grows to include many more! For the last newsletter of the school year from Iberia Parish 4H, you can click HERE

Enrollment for the 2015-2016 EDS 4H club will begin in August. As of this posting, it is only open to 4th and 5th graders. However, I am working with the LSU Ag Center and Iberia Parish 4H to start a Junior Clover Club for 3rd graders. I will keep you posted as I get more information about the potential Junior Clover Club.

4H has become SO  much more than the livestock shows many people associate the name with. From cooking and the Science/Engineering/Technology (S.E.T. Club) to shooting sports and everything in between - 4H has something for everyone. I hope to see new faces next year! Remember, 4H is something that rewards what you give. To get the most out of your membership, go to the events! You will make frienships that last a lifetime. 

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Epiphany Day School does not discriminate on the basis of physical ability, race, color, religion or ethnic origin in admissions/administrative policies and programs.